#57 Kelham Island Museum

My name is Nadine Fischer and I would like to adopt the Kelham Island Museum.

Kelham Island Museum_Eingang

Kelham Island Museum (Photography by Nadine Fischer)

Tell us a bit more about yourself
Hi, I am Nadine, a native German, who is currently living in Sheffield, England. I moved here last year to live with my favourite Englishman. In the mornings I am currently working as a playworker, in the afternoons I spent my time exploring and blogging. Settling down in a new culture, even in a country not far from your own, is sometimes very challenging. So I like to walk and explore my new environment, indulge in local recipes and crafts and share my experiences on itsakingdom.blogspot.co.uk.

Tell us a bit more about your adopted museum
The Kelham Island Museum is part of the Sheffield Industrial Museum Trust. In and around the city the steel industry has driven the region for many centuries. The museum captures this industrial story from the early days until the industrial revolution. There are tons of old tools and pictures displayed, as well as some extraordinary machinery and of course steel work and art. The museum is situated on a man-made island in one of the last industrial quarters in Sheffield, giving you a feeling like the industry is still going.

Why have you chosen to adopt this museum?
I love how they have captured the local history in an exciting and engaging way. When I moved to Sheffield I almost knew nothing about the city. Of course I knew it was called the Steel City and I saw the working class houses and the steel art work scattered around the city. What really brought the puzzle together was the Kelham Island Museum. You wander around its collection and suddenly you understand what a huge impact the industry had on this city. Why Sheffield looks the way it does, is all explained here. Of course, you
can learn a lot about steel too. An amazing craftsmanship many people rely on without noticing. Just look at your set of knives at home and see where they have been made. I bet you have one or two Made in Sheffield.

Why would you recommend people visit?
If you really want to know Sheffield and the steel industry this is the place to go! It’s not a huge museum that bores you with long displays behind glass. Instead there is a small corner for every aspect of the story. Tools are not just lying around but displayed with scenes that show the whole process. They even have some real machinery like the River Don Engine, which they run a few times a day. You can’t get a better insight into the noise and sound involved in making steel. In the Little Mester’s Lane they have indoor workshops, where you can observe real craft people working. If you have children there is
a small playground called the Melting Shop, which resembles the process to make steel. It is a fun way to learn how steel is made.

How would you sum up your museum in three words?
Made in Sheffield

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