#55 London Canal Museum

My name is Jennifer Reid and I would like to adopt the London Canal Museum.


London Canal Museum (Image courtesy of Glen Scott via Flickr)

Tell us a bit more about yourself
I have recently moved to Edinburgh to work for National Museums Scotland, having been in St Andrews for a few years. As a child my career goal was to work on the tolls on the Forth Rail Bridge, safe to say I am glad that never worked out!

Tell us a bit more about your adopted museum
The London Canal Museum is just behind Kings Cross St Pancras and is situated in the a former ice warehouse. The museum tells the story of the canals, canal people and the trade that the canals supported. It also tells the story of the ice trade which thrived in Victorian London, a fascinating industry that is largely forgotten

Why have you chosen to adopt this museum?
A really unique museum which covers two topics that I had no idea were so fascinating – and so connected! The museum is a refreshing change from overly modern and designed museums; the passion and dedication of its staff is evident in its absorbing displays. I found it while following the wrong directions to a meeting and I am very glad I got lost!

Why would you recommend people visit?
It covers so many topics relating to canals that I don’t think any visitor could fail to find something that catches their imagination. A great activity zone for children will keep them occupied while adults are browsing the displays – there is even a free downloadable audio tour of the museum.

How would you sum up your museum in three words?
A hidden gem!


(Image Source: Glen Scott on Flickr via Creative Commons)

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