#53 MIBA: museu d’idees i invents de barcelona

My name is Sonia Barahona and I would like to adopt MIBA: museu d’idees i invents de barcelona.

MIBA: museu d'idees i invents de barcelona

MIBA (Photograph by Sonia Barahona)


Tell us a bit more about yourself
I live in Barcelona but I’m quite fond of travelling all over the world. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communication but recently I reoriented my career into the cultural sector, so I studied in London, one of the most vibrant cultural cities, part of an MA in Cultural Policy Management at City University of London. Now I’m the manager in a cultural production company. I have a special interest in museums and exhibitions but also in contemporary dance and music.

Tell us a bit more about your adopted museum
MIBA (in Engl: museum of ideas and inventions) is located in a tiny street, in the heart of the city centre of Barcelona. It’s open all year round except on Mondays. The admission fee is 7 € (5€ for children and seniors) and they also offer several discounts. As they claim, the fee includes inspiration, motivation, laughs, knowledge and common sense. It’s a private project led by Pep Torres, who responds to a specific profile of renaissance man since he operates as professional inventor, musician, designer, writer, creative and TV and radio program collaborator. MIBA opened in 2012 in a small building with an exhibition area of about 600 hundred square metres.

Why have you chosen to adopt this museum?
I was thrilled by the idea of a museum , which did not offer a retrospective view but an approach to recent inventions, with some even uninvented. However what I like the most is their philosophy: to inspire anyone who visits it and to encourage individual entrepreneurs. And this is not quite common in the average concept of a museum. In terms of museography maybe the way they display the ideas and inventions is not the most innovative, but they replace it with a smart simplicity and sense of humor. They have 3 main sections: Limitless Society, ideas conceived by brand names, technological centres and people like you; Reflectionarium, a place for those who have looked at the world from another perspective; and, the most provocative, the Corner of the Absurd.

Why would you recommend people visit?
I would recommend it to anyone who wants to spend an entertaining time. It’s good for all ages and the staff is really friendly. It’s quite engaging because everything you see could be connected to an insight related to your daily life. On top, the tone of communication is warm and emotive, very different from the tone we are used to in some museums. From my perspective MIBA is a new concept of museum, it’s not about old; it’s about new and about things that don’t even exist! Besides the permanent collection, they hold conferences, workshops and some inspiring activities for kids.

How would you sum up your museum in three words?
Inspiring, funny and “museum-friendly”

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