#40 McNay Museum of Art

My name is @Artlust and I would like to adopt the McNay Museum of Art.

McNay Art Museum (Image courtesy of Jim Nix via Flickr)

McNay Art Museum (Image courtesy of Jim Nix via Flickr)

Tell us a bit more about yourself

As a museum eduator and art historian for more than a decade, my goal has always been to engage visitors of all ages in museum life and its collections through interpretation that feels relevant, enriching, and most importantly enjoyable.

Tell us a bit more about your adopted museum
Located in San Antonio, Texas, in the USA, the McNay is like an oasis, both physically with its garden like grounds and in its installations. The collection includes some medieval and renaissance art, southwest art, theater arts, and glass, but my money is on their contemporary and modern art. There is a charge to enter, but it does include all the exhibitions.

Why have you chosen to adopt this museum?
I loved the McNay because it truly seems to love its visitors. Rather than saying the insipid “please don’t touch” or the authoritative “do not touch,” the McNay had creative signs that got to the core of why people touch. So, for example, if an artwork had a particularly tactile appearance, a sign might say (with extreme paraphrasing here), “We know you wonder if it is soft. It is—but please don’t touch.” Additionally, a family space was directly adjacent to the exhibition, making families feel this was a welcoming and responsive institution. In these spaces, drop by activities included brads and glue. Many institutions fear families so much that they would never allow glue and brads so close to the artwork. (I would also say that this is also a sign that the institution values their education staff enough to trust that they can manage such a space while keeping the art safe.)

Why would you recommend people visit?
The McNay is an institution that invites everyone to enjoy art in an incredibly inclusive manner. From education programs to the written interpretation to the staff, the McNay is completely open-arms and approachable.

How would you sum up your museum in three words?
Inclusive, Humorous, Lovely

(Image source: Jim Nix/ Nomadic Pursuits on Flickr via Creative Commons)

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