#3 Musée Suisse du Jeu

My name is Tanja Neumann and I would like to adopt the Swiss Games Museum.

Musée du Jeu

Musée du Jeu (Photograph by Tanja Neumann)

Tell us a bit more about yourself

I’m a museum worker and pursuing my doctorate. As a student, I research how museums should position themselves in the Augmented Social Space. If you read German, you can find some of my observations on my blog. As a freelancer I work mainly for one Frankfurt museum in various departments: collections, education, and exhibitions. In my free time I enjoy playing with my dog and my puppy, visiting cities, taking pictures and surfing the net as @TanjaNeumann.

Tell us a bit more about your adopted museum
The Musée Suisse du Jeu, or Swiss Games Museum, is at Vevey, a village at the Lake Geneva, near Lausanne. As it is not located at the city centre but at the end of a promenade on the lakeshore, it is quite hard to find. I stumbled upon it while I had lost my way and decided to visit because the location is stunningly beautiful: The museum is inside the castle at La Tour de Peilz and managed by the foundation “Musée Suisse du Jeu”.

Why have you chosen to adopt this museum?
I chose to adopt the Swiss Games Museum because I treasure the memory of my visit and because I’m convinced that many people who might love it will never know it exists. As the name indicates, it is all about games. They show a wide variety of games and game types, beginning with very old examples like Mahjong, passing through the Middle Ages, as well as modern times. Of course, there are quite a lot of games you could call “modern” – Casino games, computer games and many more. The most recent game I remember having seen was a Nintendo Wii. I was surprised it seemed so up-to-date, it made a nice contrast to the old castle.

Why would you recommend people visit?
Well, first of all, a visit to the Swiss Games Museum should be a treat for everybody. Children can have fun on the outdoor trail of games which is accessible at all times, even when the museum is closed. Adults can keep them company or enjoy a moment off in the romantic setting – next time I would bring a picnic basket. Visiting the exhibition should also be a nice experience for everybody. It is very hands-on, you can actually play many of the games they show – and they sure have some games you won’t often get a chance to play. For museum professionals, there is an extra feature: To my eyes, the permanent exhibition is particularly well done although they kept it simple. There are even elements that allow for visitors to participate, for example a wall where children can write down their ideas of games and play.

How would you sum up your museum in three words?
Picturesque, playful, atmospheric

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