#1 Gladstone Court

My name is Sheena Muncie and I would like to adopt Gladstone Court at Biggar Museum Trust

Gladstone Court - Image Courtesy of Biggar Museum Trust

Gladstone Court (Image Courtesy of Biggar Museum Trust)

Tell us a bit more about yourself
I am the Director of an independent market research company, Scotinform Ltd, based in Edinburgh. My work includes consulting with visitors to museums and galleries to inform the development of exhibitions, galleries and interpretation and to conduct evaluations. I am currently working with the National Museums Scotland, the Black Watch Museum and the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum.

Tell us a bit more about your adopted museum
The Biggar Museum Trust is based in Biggar, South Lanarkshire which, despite its name, is a town with a population of approximately 2,300. It also happens to be my birthplace! The Trust oversees six museums but my favourite is Gladstone Court where you can visit streets from the past including small shops and business premises. The Biggar Museum Trust relies on a band of great volunteers including my uncle. Gladstone Court is open from Easter Friday to the end of September, seven days a week. Admission is just £2.50 for adults, with concessions and family tickets available. The Trust have set themselves a target of fundraising £385,000 this year to purchase a property on Biggar High Street in which all the museums’ artefacts and items would be housed in just one location – how fantastic that would be.

Why have you chosen to adopt this museum?
I have strong family links with Biggar – it’s a fascinating town and as well as home to several museums operating under the auspices of the Trust it is home to Scotland’s only permanent puppet theatre. Gladstone Court is beautifully maintained and just walking through the streets with its schoolroom, cobbler, bank and chemist images of times past are created. The “feel” of the Museum is special – so many times in my work we ask visitors to Museums “how the Museum makes them feel” and not all create that special feeling. For many people, Biggar is a town that is passed through en route to the M74 but I would urge anyone to stop for at least a couple of hours and enjoy what the Biggar Museum Trust has to offer including the wonderful Gladstone Court.

Why would you recommend people visit?
It’s great fun for all ages – children are welcomed – and at £2.50 for an adult ticket it’s amazing value for money. The recreated streets with their businesses are great fun and evoke memories and encourage discussion. It’s the kind of place where young and old enjoy what there is to see and you find the older generation sharing stories with younger family members about what it was like when they were young! The entrance fee would suggest maybe a short visit … but it’s not. There’s lots to see – visit now!

How would you sum up your museum in three words?
Nostalgic, Memorable, Fun

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